Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January 19th

 January 19th was our first day in Singapore. As such, our day was stacked with many interesting activities. For the first few activities we were all grouped together. When we got to the garden, everyone split up. As such, all the pictures from the garden (so far) on this are from Sam's trip through the garden. I got plenty of high decent quality pictures this time around, so picking just a few to show was very difficult.

The first place that we went to was Fusionworld. Fusion world is an experimental science based organization that works with both Singapore governmental associations and NGOs. This picture is our entire group in the fan room, where the fans sense movement.

Both of us standing in front of the fans.

This is the logo of fusionworld.

Before we went to Astar, where fusionworld is located, we ate breakfast in our hotel. The selection was not very large, but we ate what there was. This is the picture of the room.

An interesting piece of architecture: a ship with a pool on top of a 5star hotel complex.

The ceiling of a building that we went through, one with a 5star restaurant.

While some of us took pictures of the bay (people in back), a few of us decided to sit in the nice chairs wearing suave sunglasses and having Sam take their pictures.

Both of us in front of the merlion statue and the strange hotel.

Sam taking a picture of Sam taking a picture of Sam taking a picture of Sam...

We went to a garden in downtown Singapore after going around the bay. The next few pictures are all from the garden. This one is of some strange plant I saw.
Sam in the flower meadow garden.

A picture from the bottom of the cloud garden looking up.
A picture at the top of the garden of some stone sculpture up there.


Picture of the garden from the bottom.

Picture of some trees near the bottom of the garden.

Picture of me on one of the bridges surrounding the garden.

In front of the waterfall.

Working our way down the cloud garden. This one was taken at the second level.

The photo spot.

This final picture is of the towering metal trees exhibit in the garden. While we did not go up them, I got a picture of them and the walkway between them

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