Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January 18

Travel day!
January 18th was a travel day for all of us. It was our first plane flight since we came to China. We flew on Jetstar airlines and had a (hopefully) decent flight. Due to this reason, I didn't get too many good pictures from January 18th. I hope, however, that these pictures are good enough to shows what we all did in our travels.

I took a picture of our hotel before we left. The pictures in the lobby are actually pretty cool.
This is a picture of me holding my suitcase in our room back in Hong Kong. I was very happy that repacking didn't take too long. It meant that I did not have to get up as early.

We arrived in the airport and had about an hour after going through security and getting to our gate before our flight. Some of us got food and decided to eat it in the sitting area.

Picture of Kent Jones on one of the chairs in the airport waiting area.

Another picture with Kent in it.

Picture from our plane ride of the water below.

Slightly later picture of our flight when we were going in for a landing at the airport.

                                                          This slightly off-center picture is a slightly tired me at the airport in Singapore when we arrived.

When we arrived in Singapore, everyone was getting out of their seats and getting down luggage from above. Thankfully, my checked baggage came in well.
Picture of us waiting for the bus to our hotel in Singapore. Below that is a picture of the inside of our bus ride to our hotel.



Jason in the center of the room at the hotel.
All of us waiting in the lobby for the ability to go to our rooms and rest.

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