Sunday, January 10, 2016

Day 8- January 8th

We started the day bright and early at 6:30 as most of us went to the cafeteria to try their local specialties for breakfast.  We all enjoyed the hot and dry noodles that the city was known for.  Saga can learn some lessons from them :-)

Finally got to take a train during the day! After the night train experiences, we were all ready for the luxury of the bullet train.  

The train was very similar to an airplane experience and it seemed like we were going just as quick.  

We flew through multiple cities and across miles and miles of farmland and mountains.  
After about four hours of zipping along on the bullet train, we finally made it to the border of Hong Kong and mainland China.  We were greeted with beautiful temperatures and sunshine, which we missed dearly over the first week of the trip.  

After celebration the sun for a few moments, we went through customs into Hong Kong (where Kat caused problems by losing her entry form).  We then took a bus from the customs checkpoint to the hotel.  One of the very first things we did in Hong Kong was pull up the google home page.  Sometimes we miss the little things like that.  The hotel is a replica of Noah’s Arc that is turned into a Christian resort and hotel.  The guys are all sharing one room with four sets of bunk beds.  The girls share the same sort of room next door.  The hotel has a beautiful view of the bay and the bridges.
We roamed around the hotel and checked a week worth of facebook before we headed out on the bus to get dinner at the nearest subway station which is also like a four story mall.  Many of us went to get pizza to get a little taste of home while a couple others got more authentic hot pot and other Chinese dishes.  After we got back, some of us celebrates Kat’s 22nd birthday while the others got some much needed sleep.  It was a long and exciting day.  We are glad to be in Hong Kong with no internet restrictions, lots of English speakers and easy contact back home.

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