Saturday, January 16, 2016

January 15th

While Kent was busy catching up on work, the students went out to enjoy Hong Kong. A majority of the group ventured up the Ngong Ping Cable Car to view the Big Buddha and the temple. The ride up would have been spectacular had rain and fog not decided to surround the car.
Ngong Ping Village featured a variety of restaurants and shops, including a store dedicated to Bruce Lee and martial arts films, on the way to the Buddha.
Group photo with the Big Buddha.
Some local dogs and a random cow sighting in the village.

Temple at the peak of Ngong Ping Village.
While some students decided to explore the Big Buddha, the others had their own adventures. Marissa and Mykaela went to explore the Ladies Market and Lily and Rose met with a Whitworth alumni to explore and eat.
After dinner a large group decided to go shopping at the Temple Street night market. There were countless vendors selling everything from figurines and fortunes to fake Rolex watches.

-Adam and Ryan

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