Friday, January 15, 2016

1/11 - 1/13


As a class we went to Cyber Port and Polytechnic University of Hong Kong today.

Cyber Port is a government run tech start up facility. The organization gives grants to companies with no expectation of shares in the company or repaiment at a later time. It also offers inexpensive office space. I (Marissa) loved the openness of the building and the collaborative atmosphere between the multiple companies that share the space. While there our class got to explore the facility and check out some of the mobile apps and tech products that have come out of Cyber Port sponsored companies.
Our group at Cyber Port 

At Polytechnic our class toured the lab facilities and student displays.
The class with the plaque the University presented us. 


Today was a free day and we all decided to go to Macau. Since it was a free day we were not all together. The group Marissa and I (Mykaela) were with stared on the island of Macau. There we went to the Guia fort, the Monte fort, St. Dominic's Church, and the ruins of St. Paul Cathedral. We also walked the old city and got Boba Tea.
The city getting ready for Chinese New Year-Year of the Monkey
St. Dominic's Church

We then went to Taipa, Macau where all the casinos are. We spent the rest of the time at the Venitian hotel and casino. The center of the hotel houses a canel lined on both sides with shops, complete with a singing gondaleer who will row groups around.
The Venitian
Marissa inside the Venetian

This morning we went to see the 10,000 Buddha monastary. Every buddha was different and based on their expressions you could find almost anyone you know.
Look! We found Kent's look alike buddha
We also found technology and culture. We placed a phone in a buddha's hand.
What the walk to the top looked like.

Our next stop was the Hong Kong stock exchange.
And, last but not least, we visited the Chi Lin nunnary and garden. Very beautiful during the day but once night fell it was breathtaking.
Garden/nunnary durring the day
Mykaela at the nunnary.
Nunnary/garden at night


-Marissa and Mykaela

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