Friday, January 8, 2016

Day 4 - Beijing to Xi'an

Day 4: 
Today we went to a special needs orphanage called Shepherd's Field and then the Temple of Heaven. Later that night we took an overnight train to Xi'an.

Adam was a big hit with the preschoolers and so was Jason!
This little boy loved being picked up. Once Jason picked him up, he started wriggling around like a fish! 

We had lots of fun playing with paper and stickers.

The Temple of Heaven was amazing! There was so much detail and color!

Standing on this center stone was reserved for the emperor. It symbolizes good luck so lots of people like to stand here.

After the Temple of Heaven we walked through an exercise park. 

Six people to a room! Triple bunks! So cozy. The train ride was about 11 hours; most of us were able to get some rest. 

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