Sunday, January 10, 2016

Day 10- January 10

Had an eventful day today to say the least.  We started the day going to Oceans Theme Park.  

All 13 of us took the subway and bus to get to the theme park.  Among the great sights we saw was an aquarium filled with fish,
Panda Bears in Asia eating bamboo,
an awesome gondola ride up a mountain,
and multiple roller coasters that were built into the side of the cliff.  
The views from the park were incredible as it was on a ridge overlooking the ocean.  We all thoroughly enjoyed the park and had a great time.  At about dinner time, most of us headed back to the subway in what turned out to be an exciting night.  Kat lost her wallet on the bus and by the time we discovered this, the bus had driven away.  After talking to multiple employees, calling the bus service line, and even filling out a very detailed police report in a Hong Kong Police Station, we were able to head home.  

Still holding out hope that we can find the wallet and that Kat will have it back soon.  As for the rest of us, Adam, Lily, and Rose went window shopping at some fancy stores after the park.

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