Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January 17

The 17th was our last day in Hong Kong. Some of us decided to sleep or go to church. I decided to go with Kent, Cheryl, and Rick to the fishing village of Ta O and to the glass bottom tour at Ngang Ping. Here are some of my pictures from today:
These were the fishing boats at the village. We took these on our tour to see the Chinese white dolphins. This boats were a little rickety, but they were cool nonetheless.

Picture of me in one of those boats at the dock.

Picture of the houses on stilts from the boat. This picture shows the strange and interesting housing of the people in the fishing village. If/how they get plumbing and electricity is rather baffling. Many of the houses were still burnt from the fire that Rick told us about.

Some of the wares for sale at the village. Do not ask me what this stuff is. I do not think Kent even knows what half of it is. It just smelled like fish.

Sideways picture of me in one of the alleyways of the village.

Very definitely (not) real picture of a dolphin. We did not actually see any on our boat trip due to the conditions that day.
After the fishing village, we took a bus up to Ngong Ping and did some sightseeing there. I did not get any good pictures of the Buddha sadly. All of them turned out terrible.
Picture of me standing in front of some architecture.

All of us (except Kent, who was taking the picture). We met Lily and Rose while sightseeing and walked around with them for a while.

Below the Big Buddha, there was a bull that really wanted a latte. Nobody wanted to give him one though. Maybe the cow wanted to get wired? I do not know, but this was a funny picture.

Everyone but Kent in a picture near the Buddhist temple at the base of the stairs.

The see-through floor of the glass-bottom chairlift car.

My last picture from the trip. This is a picture of one of the chairlift cars.
At the end of the day, we went to the food court near the Tung Chung station called the Food Republic. I hope everyone enjoyed what they did on our last full day in Hong Kong!

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