Saturday, January 16, 2016

January 16th

Today, for yet another free day, we all split off into smaller groups to do our own things. Lily and Rose spent the day with some of their Hong Kong friends again and got to ride on the trams and ran into the Hong Kong soccer team, Marissa and Mykaela took their turn of visiting the  big Buddha, and Kent and Cheryl joined their local friends and walked all around town.

The rest of us took a bus out to a fishing village called Tai O and spent all afternoon hiking up the mountain in search of infinity pools.

The terrain was rough, the slopes were steep, and the wind was strong, but everyone put up a  good effort and we got some great photos. We never did find any infinity pools, only after the fact did we learn that the main infinity pool has been permanently closed, but we did find some little creeks. According to our fitness apps we all completed around 200 flights of stairs.

The most exciting story of the day has to be Cody's retelling of his journey back down the mountain towards the village. On the return trip, we became a little spread out and near the bottom of the trail, Cody was approached by a trio of wild dogs. Eventually, in order to get them away from him, he had to run at them while running his mouth, but he managed to come out unscathed.

For most of us, it was an exhausting day. We will all sleep well tonight.

-Adam and Ryan

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